Taking a (short) break from blogging…Life Happens …When It Rains It Pours ⚡️⚡️⚡️🌧🌧🌧⛈

In the mean time…

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However, let me state for the record, #CPAC is NOT a convention of “Conservatives”, but another ridiculous convention of blathering #SwampRats paid to convince #Conservative voters the GOP truly hold #Americas best interest. Total FARCE.

THE GOOD NEWS!!!! After being cooped up in our homes for more than a year, our saving grace was the sunshine and Qirl talk…

poolside Margaritas

decent pizza

Our bungalow
Pizza at Capones 🍕

Interestingly, #CPAC2021 fell on the weekend of #MatriarchsPurim…We did enjoy some relaxing fun in the sun 🌞 Many moments of #Esther 🌟

On our way out to dinner

Fact remains, until #America breaks the 2-party system, no Independents will ever be allowed a voice…Consider the impact Independents would make to the 2-party-Primary….Hint: the lawyers set the system up this was to keep 3rd parties OUT of the running.


#TrumpIsStillYourPresident 🇺🇸🐸


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#PureBlood Earth 🌏 Jesus Is King The slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. - Thomas Paine 🇺🇸 #CommonSense 🔥

#TrumpIsStillYourPresident 😎

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